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                Kent is a graduate of Liberty University and degreed with a B.S Theology and M.A. Business Executive Leadership. Kent’s professional experience brings the organization with 15+ years of experience in project management, construction management, plant management, startups, technical engineering, operations, manufacturing, production, and leadership.  Kent brings his experience from associate level all the way through top level management. Kent has had the opportunity to serve as a Business Manager for 700 miles of pipeline infrastructure, operations, and construction in the third largest city in the U.S. – Houston. Kent knows from experience the pressure startup business owners are faced with and seeks to “lighten the load” for others.

Kent is diverse in leading organizational change utilizing Kotter’s change methodology along with his skill as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Kent provides Lean Six Sigma facilitation, Automation, Personality Assessments, Hiring and Retaining, Leadership, and Transformational Leadership training. Kent works with clients on organizational structure, organizational behaviors, change methodology, and seeks to partner with organizations for success. Kent enjoys startup ventures and project management. Kent has spent years volunteering to assist in organizational growth opportunities. For instance, Kent has served as a Volunteer Fire Chief, Pastor, and Church Planter.

Kent is an active Consultant for MOVE and provides business management, marketing strategy, financial forecasting, and leadership focus for the organization. Kent’s drive and desire for organizational success is passionate and his passion also is contagious to others around him.


  • M.A. Business, Executive Leadership
  • B.S. Theology, Biblical Studies
  • Northeast Texas Fire Academy, Fire Suppression I
  • AIB Industrial Engineering Certification
  • Drafting Certification
  • Rockwell Automation
  • ISA Control Technician
  • Universal Refrigeration License (EPCO)
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt


  • Regional Automation Engineer for a global firm (manufacturing)
  • Plant Manager (manufacturing)
  • Area Business Manager (oil and gas)
  • Facility Refrigeration Engineer (Commercial)
  • Maintenance Manager (manufacturing)
  • Electrical Control Project Manager (manufacturing)
  • Controls Engineer (manufacturing)


  • The Concepts of Integrity
  • The Concepts of Human Resource Management
  • The Concepts of Servant Leadership
  • The Importance of Strategic Planning, Behavioral Management, and Managerial Success
  • Organizational Employee Engagement


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