Allow MOVE to become your Human Resource Partner to ensure the success of hiring the right person for the right position. Organizations routinely find out after the candidate is hired, that the person does not fit the position. Therefore, MOVE can ensure YOUR success through the proper alignment of the team member with the organizational goals and vision. MOVE equips Hiring Managers and organizations with the tools and assessments needed to ensure hiring success. With the current economic, efficient, and productivity pressures, it is crucial that organizations “get it right the first time.” Therefore, a MOVE Partnership enhances the success through strategical position alignment, personality assessments, skill assessments, hiring modeling, and team building. MOVE Consultants have equipped organizations for over 10 years with successful outcomes.


BronzeBronze Package

My DISC Profile

  • Objectives – Complete an accurate DISC style analysis, gain basic introduction to DISC patterns and blends, understand action vs. reaction, and priority vs. decision making.

SilverSilver Package 

My DISC Profile +

Effective Communication

  • Objectives – Learn how to recognize natural reaction patterns, needs, fears, and responses. Learn how to communicate with other personality styles, overcome barriers in communication, and find value in other action personality styles.

GoldGold Package

My DISC Profile + Effective Communication +

True Leadership

  • Objectives – Learn how to adapt to the personalities of your followers, define expectations, evaluation of leadership styles, and evaluation and alignment of YOUR leadership traits.

PlatinumPlatinum Package

My DISC Profile + Effective Communication + True Leadership +

Dynamic Teams

  • Objectives – Learn to recognize your abilities and role in a team environment. Define your strengths and the strengths of your team members. Evaluate your communication skills and how you respond to others, and recognize how YOU can enhance or impede team performance.


Each Package includes DISC assessments for your team. Contact MOVE for more information.



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