Rapid Improvement Workshops

Utilize low cost Lean Six Sigma workshops to immediately improve business opportunities in waste, downtime, change overs, setup, defects, inventory and much more.

There are multiple levels of workshops to select from with various packages.

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MOVE Consulting offers multiple packages of Continuous Improvement training structures revolved around Lean Six Sigma methodologies. Need LSS Green Belts or Black Belts? MOVE has your organization covered.

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Leaders are not born, leaders are made. MOVE specialized in training leaders for organizational success, from training organizational leaders on effective coaching, through change methodology.

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Hiring and Retainment

Hiring the right person for the right position the first time is crucial. Learn to utilize personality assessments to strategically align with job description. MOVE Models of Hiring and Retaining is raising the bar for organizations to become engaged in retention of staff. Therefore, improving moral, turnover, job satisfaction and more.

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​MOVE Consultants are the best in the business in developing custom business solutions. MOVE specializes in database design, business best in class sigma level analysis, safety certification, automation design, and more.

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Project Management

Seasoned staff are prepared to take on small or large projects for your organization. From Lean Six Sigma to Construction Management, MOVE has you covered.

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